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Critter Hart
WTF? Why the Hype? 
June 1st, 2009 04:31 pm
Microsoft's new addon looks pointless in this stage of the 360's life. People who bought Xbox's want to play sport games and FPS's. Neither of which work well for video based motion capture. Hmm, so what would work well you ask? Not a whole lot I can think of.

Sony made the Eyetoy, it did nothing. Had some stupid gimmicky games that had stuff flying around the screen that you could knock over and some dance games. Thats really about all you can do with it though. I mean, you can't simulate running and moving very well, jumping and action's would get very old very fast. Yet they insist this is gaming without controllers. Makes sense, cause you can't do video capture if your hands are connected to a controller, kinda defeats the purpose.

It captures audio too. Ok, thats cool. Who cares? Xbox has a headset. It already captures audio. The showed it working with some fake AI thing. Sega tried voice capture with Seaman, turns out people didn't want to sit in their rooms and talk to their video game longer then it took to teach it how to say penis.

So, you can dance around in front of your TV and shout things at it for 200 bucks. Revolutionary how?

No tactile feedback what-so-ever. No ease of command buttons. No force pickup. No nothing..


The video there is awesome. Shows the on screen image of the guy dancing, looks like he is having a seizure and he keeps spinning when the dude isn't. The clipping I can forgive because I assume its an early build. But the accuracy looks off to be the big huge debut I'm sure they were planning. No excuse for that to not be perfect at this stage.
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