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Tis been a while. Yes it tis. I could have written tits right there and played it off as a typo and then been able to brag that I wrote tits on the internet. But I figured that would have been a little childish writing tits what with the seriousness of this post and all.

It seems I am sitting here at work reloading two laptops, have no stephy to play with and have exhausted my internet feeds and information inputs for the pre-noon time. So I went to play on the facebook and saw this new feature that lets you import RSS and ATOM feeds. Knowing that livejournal supports both of these, and knowing that ATOM is the better feed, I confabulated all of this stuff so now when I post to LJ, it also shows up as a FB note. Now if MS would just conform or die, I really don't care which. Myspace is nasty, ugly, and horribly setup. But so many of you fucktards use it, geezus.

Well, I gotta go do some work stuffs, this was kinda an intro post to say HIGH FACEBOOKERS! Welcome to me life!

October 12th, 2006 11:28 am - Its postin' time yo!
You all have been so kind just waiting for my next post. And I have done nothing since my last post but think of the awe-inspiring words I would digitally create for your optical sensors. Without further adieu, your post!

I have finally been to Bush Gardens! Wooo! It was fantastical! I went with Stephy and Noah and it was super spicey! We rode everything. Big Bad Wolf, Alpenguest, Apollos Chariot, the other ride I can't think of, and a few of the smaller rides too! We ate at a large germany type place, over-paid for cigarettes, did a couple of 3D rides.


Angelina Jolie to play Black Woman!

A few days before the wonderful Bush Garden extravaganza, there was State Fair goodness with the Stephy! We got all spun up and shook around, watched pigs run, Go Tyrone!!, ate a giant corn dog and slapped each others asses a bunch. Twas quite the evening!

Did anyone not see the PS3 pre-orders lasting for about 30 minutes? What with the "Oops, we have no supply" deal that Sony is playing with right now. All I can say is, poor poor Sony..*FART!* heee...I feel much better now =)

Someone is currently creating a Super Mario Bros side scrolling setup in New York. Gonna be a long obstacle ridden straight course where you can dress up like a plumber and run through the Mushroom Kingdom! I remember the first time I saw MXC, the last game in that was a Mario looking side scroller obstacle course. I always wanted to run it, now it seems, with a trip to New York, I can! Woo!

I need ideas for Halloween!! What can I be? Reply with suggestions!

Math Term of the Day: Immortal Smooth Solution of the Three Space Dimensional Navier-Stokes System

Ok, so like, there was this new marine graveyard found, and its full of monster status fish & reptiles. Thats all cool and all, but they say the bones are from the late jurassic period, and beyond. Now, what with Kim Jong gettin' all hyped up with his nukes, and firing them everywhere, what if he wakes up one of these things brothers and it starts attacking tokyo? It would be all over the news, but would people believe it, or would they just think its kinda like War of the Worlds? I mean, come on, giant reptiles awoken by nuclear bombs? Its totally possible yet its been fictionalized for so long, I think it may end up being a "cry wolf" thing. On this note, I say all Monster Movies be reclassified as "Possible Scenrio PSAs" And they should be aired 24hours a day on a Government channel for national defense purposes. Schools should watch, learn, take notes and discuss what the people did right and wrong. A whole new Duck & Cover campaign needs to begin NOW! Only instead of fearing Bombs Over Springfield, we fear giant reptiles as a result of bombs.
For news about the graveyard and photos;

Farting can help to make you live longer. Can also induce suspended animation.

Bush on New Space Plans: 'The policy calls upon the Secretary of Defense to "develop capabilities, plans, and options to ensure freedom of action in space, and, if directed, deny such freedom of action to adversaries."
September 15th, 2006 01:03 pm - Shooting things!!!
So last weekend was kinda crazy. Kinda. Sorta. Well, it was lots of fun!

Started it out by waking up with the Stephy too late to go to the Beach. So now its time to reinvent the plans. Starting of course, with FOOD. Lots of food. Good food, nummy yummy in our tummy foods! So me and the Stephy went to Cheeburger Cheeburger. At this magical place which I had never been before, they had a super heart killing 1-Pound Hamburger! This, is what I ordered!

The rules of this place stated that upon final consumption of this hunk of meat, you were treated with an eye-blinding photo of which they would display on their walls. I sipped my coke and begin to consume. All the while munching on cheesy fries. After the first half I was like, no big deal! By 3/4s, I was wearing thin. Chomped a few more bites then we alerted the waitress(Stephys idea, an idea that turned out to be very very good!) that we were going to step out and smoke a cig before finishing that beast.

This is the part of the story where the villain enters. A newby waitress table cleaning arch-nemesis had already cleared away everything and was viciously wiping the table down as we walked back in. I stared in utter dismay and shock at my missing meal and my lost photo-op. Our waitress sees what had just occoured and came running to investigate. She as well had a look of dread and world ending wonderment. She hastefully retrieved for us the Queen of the establishment who swiftly began offering all sorts of treasures consisting of another burger, milkshakes and her word that the photo would still be taken. I turned down all of her offers, but asked for a coke. The photo was taken which can be seen hanging in full display. And they took Stephys entire meal off the bill. So we smiled and thanked them, gathered our gear and health potion(the coke) and headed out.

Our next stop was to rearm ourselves. So we ventured to Dicks Armoury. Here we purchased two sets of Bows & Arrows, they were our training gear, cost very little gold. A target that was labeled Monster was also brought along. After working up our skill sets in this, we broke a bow. So we shared one training our close and super far range abilities.

Dismayed at the broken bow, we vowed to take it up with Dick at a later time, but for now, it was laser-tag time! We practiced our shooting skills by taking down many raptors on our quest to the laser arena. Once there we were introduced to our enemies, strapped up, and sent into the Death Arena! 4 people hunting each other in a place large enough for 30 was mucho fun. Jesus & George Bush owned our black counterparts. It was total goodness!

Once we were satisfied with all of this, we gathered our newly won Bracelets of Friendship (+3 Spirit) And headed out to Dicks to take up with him the shoddiness of our killing equipment. He however was not there, but his apprentice was, and he gracefully traded our two training bows for an all new Compound Bow. Well, this we had to test out, so we went back and slaughter our Monster target some more.

Feeling much better about this new weapon, we headed back to Stephys Castle to train up more of our long range skills. We did this with a Paintball Gun. Harmless, yes, but then the paper target didn't think so!! We had to explain our actions to an old very much southern lady who still seemed highly confused as to what & why we were doing what we were doing. Her final conclusion was that stephy was going to be a cop. *shrugs* Whatev, we gonna shoot some more!

So there you have it!! Only one arrow was lost, a round of paintballs destroyed, and much fun was had!

<3 Stephy

Until next time all! LOVE!
August 30th, 2006 09:33 am - Mmm...donuts...
Baltimore was spektacular! Me and The Stephy totally owned that city for the entire duration we graced its meager existance with our presence! We rode on a small two-seater boat thingie going in circles, blowing up subs, almost being taken out by some some Mexiconos(mm..burritos...). The dragons were out of commision though, twas sad, but, eh, ya deal.

Rocket, Johnny Rocket, fed us good burgers and a mirkshake! We explored the malls, played with robotic dinosaurs, and squeezed a lot of things.

The aquarium was total coolness! Fishes, sharkies, SNAKES, hippity hoppity froggies, lizards, birds that fly underwater, lots of cute turtles, stingrays, and even though the frilled-neck lizard was on the logo to the australia exibit, they had none of those. I was sad. I cried. OH! And I farted in some little girls face! Like litterally! 2 inches from her honker! I didn't mean too, I promise I didn't, but I did, and it was good!

There was a guy who talked more then he performed, but he gave some kid 5 bucks and made him him do cute things while he played with fire on a broken bike.

We walked a lot, saw the city, ate at Hard Rock cafe, listened to a lot of classic hair bands, and raped a hot dog. Stephy petted a birdie! It was cute. =) We also made one bird turn away in disgust. Seems they are sensative about the way they walk. The whole head-bobbin thing. Who knew?

That is all for now! I shall returneth later with more exciting entertainment! But now, a brief news interjection.

Lettuce causes brain cancer and a wolverine's sneeze travels faster than the speed of sound. A leprechaun told me so.
August 25th, 2006 09:41 am - Cash and a Cat
Things are starting to do the looking up deal. Stuff like, I still have my job, sweet, month & a half before I have my license, eh, sweet, get a raise then, a nice hefty one, SWEET. Been working with this new guy, he's alright, he's my age, so atleast I can talk to him about stuff other then work. But he'll be leaving in a few weeks. Drat!

Pluto was downgraded. The lord of the icey hell will always be a planet to me! And all you astrology folks out there ruled by pluto. Haha, your ruled by a Dwarf! [This is directed at Stephy, but applies to many]

Osama had the hots for Whitney Houston. Cookies are good, carrots are fine, onions still suck. Ham, provolone, & honey mustard on toasted bread is good! But Good For You Chips are not so good.

Guild broke apart in Warcraft, another one recruited me. One thats actually pretty big on our server. The new linked Battleground is FUCKING awesome. You can play Arathi Basin even at 4 in the morning. No more 6 hour queues! Woohoo!

Well, I need to get to work. I think. I dunno. I have my Gameboy on me. DS Lite. Could play that. But this motherboard does need installing...hmm... maybe I'll smoke a cig and flip a coin. I did learn to make a coin not actually flip. So I can choose which outcome I want. Though...that kinda makes the coin toss redundant...I guess I wil just have to decide which one I would have made the coin do, then just do that. Or I could do a true coin toss, but then I am wasting a perfectly good skill. Well shoot.

Todays Advice: Don't be in the crow's nest when a sea monster attacks your ship.
August 22nd, 2006 09:25 am - Woo!! Dark Matter Exists!

“We now have direct evidence” of dark matter, said Sean Carroll, a cosmologist in the Physics Department of the University of Chicago, who did not participate in the study. “There is no way to explain the observations without dark matter.”

Since when did science prove something by saying that last line? Sounds like the explanation for God. "There is no way to explain existance without God."
July 12th, 2006 12:27 am - I wish I knew what fate wanted from me.
I thought the "two fish swimming in opposite directions" was supposed to be about mental struggles. Why does it seem that life itself is doing that to me? I've been riding the mid-ground, but its lame. Such an awesome path lays one way, but I am tied to this stupid shit and every time I get ready to break free from it. fuck.

I just want to move on with my life. Get my shit straight, and actually be able to live it without this hassle.

Here's hoping the judge doesn't have a stick up his ass tomorrow.
July 11th, 2006 11:06 am - Another Rock in the Ground
Rest in Peace Mr. Barret, your taking the ultimate trip now, the never ending high. Thank you for the great tunes!
Bring It
So I get invited to the stephys yesterday, upon arrival, I found myself staring at her door as I continued to wrap out a song it. Time goes by, my knuckles begin to hurt, and I look through her window, no stephys. So i look through her mail slot (*beavis laugh* he called it a mail slot) and, ah, yes, there she is, passed out ont he couch. Hmm, if only I had something to fling at her...or maybe...ohh....yes...a water gun...

So i sat on her porch, smoked a cigerette, relayed my potential mission to the Travis, and then set out to gather the required materials.

When I was a kid, you could buy these cool water guns at drug stores every summer. So, I went to CVS. After looking in the toys section and being saddened at the zero gun policy they seemt o have implemented, I do happen to see some awesome Retro Mega Man toy/doll/things and an old scool Rush deal. But I vowed to not let this set-back ruin my plans. So I went to the summer isle. Nothing...wait!...they had dolphin or whale water guns. Geezus cryste! One last look in the discounted summer items, ow, yes, some phaser looking water guns for 2 bucks. neon organe and green, can't go wrong!

I decided to give her time to sleep a little longer, so i stopped by CVS to get a drink, when it occured to me, why should I let this be as simple as squirting her through her mail slot. No, this could be SO much more fun! After plotting a massive strike on her house and her ultimate dripping demise, those plans were all squashed when people didn't answer their phones. But I wasn't content with my original plan. A shoot out would be cool, yeah!

So i go back to CVS, grab a second gun. Sweet, all set! Ride back to stephys, still passed out, same place. *Squirt! Squirt!* Nothing. *Squirt!* Damnit. So, I sat and smoked a cig, then went back, saw her moving a bit on the couch, figured, sweet, squirt her this time and she will wake up for sure! As I get into position, the door starts to open, its a stephy! Yah! *squirt squirt squirt squirt!*

From there it escalated into a romp around her house with water phasers firing in all directions, final showdown accoured on the back patio, but ah, it was good times indeed. =)
July 7th, 2006 04:17 pm - Why did Superman cross the road?
So it seems scientists with budgets to burn and million dollar equipment just sitting around, have nothing better to do then question the physics of comic book super heros. Awesome!! This is the kinda stuff we need to be experimenting with and playing with! The fun "Mad Scientist" kinda crap. Its the only way we can truely understand things. Mix imagination, with science. Sticking with the purely logical, its such a slow progression. But this, sweeeet!

"Marti points to a book called "Great Mambo Chicken," which tells of a scientific experiment in which a researcher put several chickens in a centrifuge and raised them in twice-normal gravity for months at a time. When they emerged, the chickens were stronger and had larger bones and muscles, and greater endurance. In other words, they were superchickens."

Super-chickens can kill anyone they want! Super-chickens cut off heads ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. These chickens are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this super-chicken who was eating at a diner. And when some dude bit into a drumstick the super-chicken killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw a super-chicken totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.

Hmm, I wonder if super chicken tastes like christopher reeve...?

{OMGWTF!?!?!?!} He's dead now, it was all sad and stuff. The moon still hovers above this rock.

I wonder what would happen if you kept raising the gravity level, would you one day have a golden feathered chicken with blue eyes that held the power to destroy an entire planet? Super-Sayian Chicken!
July 6th, 2006 12:59 am - Lessons Learned, or maybe not. =)
I can do many things one-handed, but tonight I learned riding a bike with a dog strapped to the handle bars while talking on the phone, bad idea.

Twice. She was saw something, took off, I was able to get most of the control back, but still toppled over. Second time, a black cat, chilling in the road, took off after it, sideways. This was no good. There was no saving this. Not only did I go face first into the street, but she drug my bike a good distance too before it came loose. After that, we were in my neighborhood, so I just let her run free beside me. Why? Because I was yet again on the phone, riding my bike. hee...! But its all good. Two banged up knees, two skinned arms, and a set of knuckles that look like I could be Wolverine.
July 1st, 2006 05:51 pm - Woo...
Wassup!? Everyone miss me? This is gonna be ashort update with more to follow later in zee day.

I have been doing some matenence on the lawn mowers. Basic stuff, air filters, spark plugs, oil and fuel flushes, sharpening the blades past that of a razor while a stream of sparks flies all around me. You know, fun stuffs. =) Had some tunes blasting while I was doing this and getting drunk.

Lawn Mower Fixing PlaylistCollapse )

I also have the battery to my baby charging. Once thats charged enough I'll be pulling her out of her time stasis and doing some work on her. Finish cutting off that corner panel, cutting off anything else that needs to be cut off, checking the lines I didn't get around to checking the last time I worked on her. Seeing as how the last time was around 2 or 3am int he morning, using a spotlight for, well, light.

The stephy will be gone for a week. This is no good. But, she gets to go to the beach with her family in NC. So, thats all fun and stuffs.

The artemis is doing good, frolicing around in the yard, breaking me away fromw hat I am doing to roll around int he grass or throw a stick, or play tug-a-war, or just because she wants to jump on me geta quick pet or two.

Alas, I am going to get back to the work at hand. Both mowers have there new stuffs, but one of them is acting stupid, gotta figure out whats wrong with it. Its an older but still decent one. Has self-propel and all that jazz. Its good to use in the backyard since there is a lot of loose dirt. Don't need the good one getting all clogged up and such.

May 7th, 2006 11:58 pm(no subject)

Hmm, kinda like Bender. Very much infact. So...Futurama is more then just a witty show, its also a window into the Future!
April 25th, 2006 11:37 am - Triple Murder & Quote of the Day
So this 12y/o goth girl(vulnerable cunt) & her 23y/o boyfriend(sexual molester) killed some family. Two adults & their kid. The mother of that 12y/o gets todays QotD!

About a month and a half ago, the pre-teen started to change, she said. Her well-scrubbed look turned to goth with dark eyeliner and black nail polish, she said.

That wasn't the only change -- the 12-year-old began dating a 23-year-old man who drove around town in a pickup truck.

"All I want is her back."

The classmate's mother, Jody, says rumours of the 12-year-old girl and the grown man courting on the Internet terrify her.

"You talk to your kids and show them movies," Jody said. "The Internet needs to be policed better."


Yes! Police the internet! Police something that is world wide and anonymous! Police it so you can go on being a LAZY FUCK of a parent and still not have to take any blame for something stupid your kid does!

Now, its not that i'm saying parents should be more involved in what their kids do on the internet. Mainly because, most people, kids included, have enough common sense to be, unmonitored. But um, if your wrong, and your kid isn't one of those that can handle things like, reality, well, you lose 2 cookie points right there.

-2CP For not knowing your kid is retarded and delusional

If you blame lack of policing measures on what your kid did, thats another drop is cookie points.

-2CP For being retarded and delusional yourself, blaming a vast nameless empty void as the cause of problems

And finally, you lose an additional 10 cookie points, yes, an entire cookie, for not atleast learning your OWN lesson from this.

-10CP For not immediately realizing what you did or did not do that helped lead to this mess.

A family is dead. Mother of the 12y/o responsible for it, says its because the internet is not policed well enough. Guess she forgot who let the 12yo use the computer, who paid for her internet access, and who left her alone on this "un-policed" internet thing.

The internet site in question was not myspace, this time it was vampirefreaks.com.
April 25th, 2006 10:18 am - In this day & age?
Why don't we have colored tires yet? Rubber can totally be dyed. So why don't I see red, yellow, blue, green, or neon orange tires on cars? Girls could ride around with Hot Pink or Purple on their "Jeeps R 4 Grrls" Wranglers.

I'll ask Google later, but, yeah, I was just looking around on my way to work as couldn't figure out why tires are still only Black.
April 20th, 2006 01:06 pm - Holidays
Bring It

So, instead of placing a twisted pot leaf or sexy plant in their logo today, they just, made a stoners version of the logo, found some guy, called it his birthday. Google, how we love you. =)

420 Fun. Its more then you think.
April 19th, 2006 02:15 pm - Sarcasm tags don't seem to be working...
People need to update their web browsers. I have been arguing with, and flat out fucking with many people on the new lj news post about their "All new feature everyone has been begging for!", you know the one, cause I'm sure you to have longed for the day when your LJ could begin to morph into MySpace with ADs all over them.

But anyway, it seems no one is being keyed on on the sarcasm of many of my posts. Of course those that have their heads on straight and arn't just being fanboy evangelists understand the words that are coming out of my keyboard. But those that can't think of anything else to say in rebuttal, well, they get all upset or go on tangents about the crap in the posts that...really doesn't matter or was just purely a mock at their expense.

Yes, I am so happy they (SixApart) spent time and resources on this new feature rather then cleaning up some of the bugs LJ already has or implementing some of the features people have actually been waiting for. They even made a community to allow people to make suggestions and ask questions.

So far all questions have gone unanswered, all suggestions & problems have been ignored. Every post made on that community by the person in charge of ADs, has been a restatement of the same thing. She too hates ADs, its her job, sorry they are coming, its for the good of LJ. Please don't hate me Of course she used bigger words and more filler crap, but thats all she has posted.

News Post
Tens of millions of people show up regularly at MySpace, News Corp.'s suddenly popular virtual hangout. That's good news for News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch, who raised eyebrows by shelling out $580 million for the Web site last summer.
yeah, if it hadn't of been for Mr. Murdoch, no one would even know what MySpace even was. And the Tens of Millions of regular people would then be stuck staring at a blank computer monitor.

What? So MySpace is just suddenly popular. It hasn't been for a while? It didn't slowly grow fueled by the word of mouth and rampant influx of PCs into the school system? Why actually, yes, it did. Thats the reason Mr. Murdoch had to shell out such a large sum of money for such a trashy form generated buggy website.

The only thing he has brought to the community there, is; less white space & more flashy sound making ads. Well that and he used his news agency to generate some buzz which did nothing more then to alert and unite the soccer moms around the world. So now they have to spend more chunks of change to fight a problem that really doesn't exist. Atleast not in a manner that security measures could ever prevent. The random abduction dealios from the psycho-minded, are spur of the moment, can't protect from that, its like a random sniper attack. Good thing is, being caught should be totally easy. Someone goes missing, check their MySpace logs. Who was they be talkin' too? [word]

But, now we have more reasons to have more ads. 
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The World is Blind.
April 5th, 2006 09:54 pm - 01:02:03 04/05/06
I'm sick today. Its no good. Sinus' are all stopped up, blah.
April 5th, 2006 01:09 am - Life is a Movie
Monday was a truly strange day. I think someone was tuning in and watching it like a movie, special effects and all.

I'll give the back story some other time. But basically, Peter Griffin (minus any activity that doesn't involve fixing and eating food, and any sort of wit whatsoever) was staying in my house, in the spare bedroom. Brain of a 2-y/o if you will.

So I left work. It was bright, sunny, felt awesome out. I was driving, windows down, radio blasting out some really awesome 80s techno-rock. I stopped at Advance Auto to get some goo to put the review mirror back up. I get this phone call after just walking into the store. The sun was still blazing, I was planning on some form of adventure to go on with the Artemis.

The phone call was from my mom. Asking if I was almost home. She was highly distressed. I explained to her what I was doing, but was cut off with a request to get home asap. She was kicking Rob(Peter) out, and it wasn't going good. She had already called her parents, who just so happen to by my grandparents. Small world no?

I left right then, didn't get my goo. As I left the store, the first thing I noticed, the sky was no longer bright and clear. It was gray. I thought right then, heh, how ironic, my awesome seemingly perfect day just got overcast. But that wasn't the end of the strangeness.

I get home, confront the Rob, get him trapped in the kitchen, at this time my grandparents and uncle show up. Things start to get heated, big time. The wind started to blow at hurricane forces. Pine trees all around my house began to sway, the fence I built out back toppled over. All the while words are flying everywhere, threats are becoming promises, bumping and shoving are escalating.

By now things had moved to a point where my mom was tossing things on the floor from the fridge just so Rob would stop being a baby about whats his and what he is taking. My grandpa and uncle are rushing outside, because the pine trees are swaying so hard, and rubbing against each other, they are convinced that one is about to collapse. Cars are being moved, food is being scattered on the floor.

The cops had been called before I even got there. Rob never had any kinda lease or note of any kind concerning his stay in the house. But he was bitching about wrongful eviction.

The winds began to die, Rob is now packing up all of his food products from the kitchen floor, I am still standing guard to prevent him further access to the house. The cops show up. As they walk in, the rain starts. One of them rushes back out to roll up the cruisers window.

From here, everything seemed to calm down. They talked to him, talked to my mom, told him to pack what he needed and leave. Gave her their card, said they would stay for a few minutes, and would be back in an hour to make sure he was gone. They also told her, she owed him no money, no nothing, and could call the shots on when he could get the rest of his things.

The rain continued, the cops saw how slack, slow, and deliberately he was wasting his packing time, and hung out for about 45 minutes. The rain was another excuse they used as to why they hung out. We talked about when it was ok for a cop to shoot a felon, about the new Superman movie, new X-Man movie, remakes of old classics, the new King Kong and how the 1970s version just shouldn't exist. Also found out that one of the cops was one that was called to our house long ago because the puppies were making a lot of noise in the middle of the night. He laughed when he got there that night, said they were just being puppies, and told us to have a good night.

They left, Rob finally left, the rain had now completely stopped, all signs of the storm were gone.


The sun never came busting through the clouds or anything, but then, it was night time by the end of all of this. You see that kinda thing in movies, usually not even as laid out as well as this particular days events were. Not really sure what to make of it. But eh, the Rob is gone. I'll go over some of his stupid antics later, they really do make for a nice story. And I will kinda miss being able to fuck with him, but then, it was too easy anyway. The dog at least knows when to be cute or just walk away.
April 3rd, 2006 05:19 pm - And then! There was light.
jesus, hippie
So, it seems God just, doesn't answer the phone when it comes to heart problem prayers. Guess that makes sense, he did after all give them the heart condition, he wants them dead, so its up to mankind to fix it. On our own, by ourselves. Seems like a ornery old bastard to me. Then again, he could just be something we made up to answer questions we didn't know back in the day. Old guy with stick up his ass, or figment of the imagination, you decide!

pseudoscience: 0
science: pi
Just don't let it be cheesey like Indiana Jones, and for Zues' Sake, fuck the mainstream! Make is serialized!!!! We don't need stupid, simple, short, plots!!!!!11!!

We don't want them, they are lame, they suck, they cause ADD!!

People have DVRs these days. Missing an episode isn't that big of a deal, cause, chances are, it got recorded anyway. Long, in-depth, continuation is the way to go. Opening each episode with some stupid javascripted problem, learning about said problem, and coming to a conclusion by the end of the episode, everyone being happy and having a drink, is, well, very much overdone, old, should be shot for. Cheap lead bullets to the temple.

The Star Wars MMORPG, which should have lead many many geeks to an early insomniac induced coma, failed. Horribly. But then, they did let Sony manage that, which, was bad idea from the start so, eh, it was doomed long before it was released.

If they screw this up, wow, thats would just be weak. Here's hoping someone there knows what they are doing! Cheers!

And Wow, The Lucas is lookin' pretty ragged
March 14th, 2006 02:45 am - Yah Henrico County!
Your can be guilty of driving under the influence (DUI) whether you are operating a vehicle on the highway or on private property. "Operating" a motor vehicle is not limited to moving the vehicle from one place to another, it also includes being in actual physical control of the vehicle, even if the vehicle is parked or inoperable.

How can you..operate...something thats classified as inoperable?

(No I didn't get any kinda dui, just doing research on what is classified as a vehicle. Trying to see if I can claim one of my cars as some kinda art, or some bullshit like that. "Its a tool shed, made to LOOK like a car")
ABUJA (Reuters) - The Nigerian government, anxious to avoid a repeat of riots that marked a solar eclipse in 2001, warned citizens they may suffer "psychological discomfort" during a new eclipse this month but urged them not to panic.

Information Minister Frank Nweke said an eclipse five years ago caused riots in northern Borno state because people did not know why it happened.

"Some people even felt some evil people in their communities were responsible for the eclipse," he said in a statement on Thursday aimed at reassuring Nigerians that the eclipse is expected to darken parts of the country on March 29.

"The eclipse is not expected to have any real damaging effect, only social and psychological discomforts are envisaged," Nweke said.

He did not explain what the discomforts might be.

Hmm, evil people in the community made the sun vanish...yeah...
Always best to make up an answer when you can't rantionally explain something right?

Science: +1
March 13th, 2006 01:11 am - Do subjects even mean anything anymore?
I'm gonna be so pissed if this game turns out to be yet another lame ass remake of that DG game. It was cool and all, but the ending stages just straight up sucked, kinda ruined the whole package. Then those last 2 I played, while they had a whole different atmosphere, and both had fun, very interesting side quests, it was clear where they were headed. Didn't even bother playing passed the 3rd or 4th stage.

This one is starting out all weird, cool, much fun, but strange at the same time. The 2nd stage is sticking to that theme, but its also already starting to show signs of the same damn plot hurtle. Geez, if only I could skip just that part of the story, and get on with the real peas & carrots of the whole thing.
March 10th, 2006 11:30 am - Intenet Quote of the Day
are under strict rules not to share any details with outsiders.
Here are some leaked photos of the CL2.
March 1st, 2006 11:40 pm - Prairie Voles, Drugs, and Chemical Love
Parts of the brain that are love-bitten include the one responsible for gut feelings, and the ones which generate the euphoria induced by drugs such as cocaine. So the brains of people deeply in love do not look like those of people experiencing strong emotions, but instead like those of people snorting coke. Love, in other words, uses the neural mechanisms that are activated during the process of addiction. “We are literally addicted to love,” Dr Young observes. Like the prairie voles.


Its a very interesting read. And very well written as well I might add.
February 22nd, 2006 01:59 am - Yah for ripping hoses out of cars!
The car was leaking some crazy transmission fluid. Had been for a week, been dumping a quart of fluid in every few days. Today, I had had enough. I straddled it over the ditch in front of my house, grabbed a big ass spot light lamp I have, and went for it!

Found a hose with a tear in it coming from the tranny to the radiator. Hitched a ride to the Advance, they hooked my ass up yo, and aside from all the greasy dirtiness, it went perfectly smooth!

The Brown puppy found a new home today (finally). She was super cute, and very smart. Can't say I'm sad to see her go though. She was a little too smart. While the other two played, this one hung out and plotted escape routes. Not only that, but she helped the others in the escaping as well. They are too dopey to even consider leaving the pen. But with the brown pup in there instagating everything, well. She will be a great dog some day. But then, all of the Artemisii will!
February 14th, 2006 12:17 pm - ~Need you like water in my lungs~
January 31st, 2006 03:18 pm - Battle for the Gulch
So in WoW there are three pvp areas. Warsong Gulch(capture the flag), Arathi Basin(defend positions), and Alteric Valley(?).

Warsong Gulch is the first one you have access too. The most basic. You play capture the flag. Horde vs. Alliance. The adverage time is about 20 minutes. That is, if both sides are actually playing, capture the flag, instead of "lets see who can get the highest kill count."

Playing the alternative, which, I have never seen the Horde do, ever, sucks. You just go full D, or hang out in midfield, just killing the other team. Not so much defending your own flag as much as you are just waiting for them to come, so you can kill them. And not trying to get their flag, cause well, thats too hard, you might die.

So the alliance does this all the time. Its horrible. Its no fun. They do it, rack up their HKs, and wait for the Horde to get sick of it and just leave, giving them a high HK and a win.

The other night, me and the Morgan played our first pvp together as a team. Using my 38 Orc Hunter, Beast Master spec'd, and his new level 30 Tauren Druid.

An hour and a half later, once a few of our team had dropped, the score was 2/2. You have to get 3 flags to win. You can't score if your flag is being held. Our druids were doing an AMAZING job. But they were facing a team that didn't care about winning. Just being a pain. I was on defense for our flag, for what little I had to do.

After all that time, and after 3 of our team left because things were just getting stupid. I left the flag. I went to try and help our druids get the alliance flag. We got it, our druids took off, I stayed back in the alliance base holding a couple of their guys there, to keep them from catching our druids. Suddenly, our flag was taken, then, the alliance got their flag back. I ganked their flag and zapped a couple guys, and ran(!) like a motherfucker. I was dropping traps and sicin my wolf all over the field. I made it back to our base, our flag was still gone. Damn.

But there it was. The alliance flag carrier was sneaking out the back with our flag. I filled his ass with so many arrows, my wolf was shredding him, and then, I reclaimed our flag, ran home, and planted their flag in our base.

"Horde Victory!"

I came out with the most HKs on our side, the most flag returns on our side (which was 13, their most flag returns belonged to a rogue called Kee, with 32 "Yes, we grabbed their flag, and lost it, over 32 times"), and I had 1 captured flag.

Hunters are just totally badass. You can't deny it. If you do my wolf will rip your throat out while your foot's stuck in my Frost Trap. Oh, and don't look now, but here comes a volley of arrows out of nowhere aimed right at your HEAD.

January 18th, 2006 12:08 pm(no subject)
"It was just a lime; there was nothing special about it at all. It was doing the best it could."
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