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Critter Hart
Smugglers Run: Warzone 
March 31st, 2007 01:57 pm
So I remembered playing this game a LONG...LONG long long time ago. It was fun as hell. Didn't own it though. Just saw it up at Blockbuster for 2.99, no box or book. Its still fun as can be, but what amazes me is the graphics still look sharp. Now, I'm paying it on the Wii, but I'll pop it in my GC later on and see what it looks like there, I imagine not too bad.

I played through 14 stages in a row last night, just blew through 3 or 4 more, game is getting harder. But I am seeing how much a cheap vehical the ATV is. Almost doesn't feel fare using it. Oh well, I want to unlock the other stages and the hoverbike so the multiplayer part will be set whenever (if ever) it gets a chance to be used.
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